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Why Robyn Lawley Is The Ultimate Woman

Robyn Lawley you beautiful beautiful human you. If you don't know who she is, well

why robyn lawley is the ultimate woman

Robyn Lawley you beautiful beautiful human you.

robynlawley wonderwoman

If you don’t know who she is, well… Robyn Lawley the Aussie born model from Sydney is taking over the model world and is creating first evers and I love her for it. She is the first plus size model to be on the cover for Cosmopolitan Australia, GQ Australia and Australian Vogue, the first plus size model to campaign for Ralph Lauren and was the first face of Mango’s new line Violeta by Mango, what a little trend setter, as well as winning multiple awards for being just generally fab!

The 6ft 2 beauty has also appeared on Sports Illustrated and looked SMOKING. With regards to one of my earlier articles on France’s new laws, it’s women like Robyn Lawley that we want to see more of. Now, I’m not just going to talk about how gorgeous Robyn is for a full article, even though I could, but she also has a delicious foodie blog that she posts on a regular basis of the yummy food if you’re wanting to carve yourself some abs like Robyn. All healthy and super clean! Robyn Lawly Eats 

She is a woman of many talents, she has also has her own swimwear collection that was seen on the one and only BEYONCÉ in her music video for No Angel #goals

You can find her swimwear collection online around Australia, NZ and the US and we can only hope it’ll branch out to the UK so that we can look as sexy as Yoncé and Robyn.

If it’s any two bootylicious and voluptuous women to look up to it’s definitely these two wonder women.

Here’s some photos of Robyn from various shoots including Cosmo Australia, and can I say, plus size my ass, she has the perfect shaped figure, like every other woman, with a butt, boobs and hips (with added abs of steel) and she is my everyday inspiration. She was selected for Sydney Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People of the year award for 2011, and she deserves it year in and year out.

Robyn Lawley Ultimate Woman

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