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Why Are So Many Young Brits Moving To Oz?

Thousands of Brits flee the country each year, to be precise 5 million, with a quarter of them going across the world to Australia. But, why? What's the attraction to moving away? and why Australia? I'm


Thousands of Brits flee the country each year, to be precise 5 million, with a quarter of them going across the world to Australia. But, why? What’s the attraction to moving away? and why Australia?

I’m from a small town in the North East of England, the weather is awful, there isn’t that much going on, it’s not the most fun place to live in the world. My sister, Katharyn, emigrated in 2014 when she was 23. She’s a midwife and had been working in a local hospital for 2 years.

“I left England for many reasons. I already had some friends who had moved over there in the health industry and I’d heard really good things. For starters, I knew the pay was better and due to the shortage of midwives in Australia, there’s a high demand of international midwives to emigrate, this made it really easy for me to go over there and get work, it was perfect. I’ve always wanted to travel and thought moving to Australia would be the perfect base camp so I could travel in my spare time. Australia has so much to offer, it has amazing beaches, great weather (although not so much winter in Sydney), and great people, I felt like I didn’t have much to lose by emigrating. When I was living in England I used to go to work, come home, have my dinner then go to bed, and start all over again, I felt like I didn’t have much going on, especially from a small town in the North East of England. In Australia there are so many free activities to do with the weather being amazing, you can go for a walk and it’s generally just nicer surroundings, whereas, when I’m home the weather is grey, windy and cold and it makes me feel so much less motivated to want to go out. Australia definitely brings out the best of me and I love it. I have made some great friends too, I didn’t move out when I went to university so this was my chance to finally experience living away from home, albeit 10,000 miles away.”

One of my friends, Sonny (21), and his family, went on the BBC One television programme ‘Wanted Down Under’, his family decided to move, yet Sonny, having his own life being a tattoo artist in Middlesbrough, wanted to stay. However, just before Christmas 2015, Sonny decided to finally join his family in Perth. For obvious reasons Sonny wanted to go to Perth to be with his family, but other reasons included the fact that he now only works three days a week and still earn more than he was in the UK, living back at home too, it can’t be bad.

“My mate Charlie who I’ve known since I was about 4 lives here, that’s another reason, he moved when he was 17 with his family. He didn’t want to move at first but he hasn’t even been back since! But mainly the money and lifestyle. Everyone goes to work super early an leaves early to go beach and shit! I just came over because I felt like I needed a change and I missed my family and stuff.”

I WANT TO LEAVE WORK EARLY AND GO TO THE BEACH! It’s no surprise that many other young professionals do. I can just imagine now, clocking off work at 2, cracking open a ‘tinnie’ and heading to the beach for a ‘barbie’.

From 2010 to 2013 there was a third rise in number of people who emigrated to Australia and it doesn’t surprise me, people I know who have emigrated have never looked back. If you’re in two minds about going for it, I say, GO. It is a costly venture, BUT in the long run seems totally worth it. Not to mention, you’ll have an all year tan and more often than not, for us Brits, a healthier lifestyle. Obesity in the UK is rising and according to experts they predict, by 2020, a third of the UK will be affected by obesity. If Australia can activate a healthier lifestyle for us Brits, surely it’s a change for the better. Who doesn’t want to be slim, healthy, tanned and loaded?



If you’re planning on going to Australia for a trip here are 15 things you MUST do when you visit:

  1. Dive The Great Barrier Reef
  2. Go on a legit wine tasting tour
  3. Swim with sharks (if you’re brave enough)
  4. Learn to surf at Bondi Beach
  5. Eat Kangaroo off the barbie
  6. Have cuddles with a Koala Bear
  7. Drink coffee in Melbs
  8. Have drinks around Sydney Harbour at night
  9. Witness Vivid Light Festival
  10. Snorkel with sea turtles
  11. Experience Aussie breakfasts
  12. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  13. Visit Whitehaven Beach, Queensland
  14. Visit the National Parks
  15. Do a National Rainforest Walk.


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