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What Happens If You Eat Too Much Protein?

After a gym session, casually waiting for my green juice, my friend noticed a little pizza box at the cafè counter saying 'WE NOW SELL PROTEIN PIZZAS', "protein pizzas we asked?", the woman behind the counter


After a gym session, casually waiting for my green juice, my friend noticed a little pizza box at the cafè counter saying WE NOW SELL PROTEIN PIZZAS‘, “protein pizzas we asked?”, the woman behind the counter was very tentative and told us about the pizzas, chicken and peppers, pulled pork, mighty meaty, all of them sounding very delicious, “but how does it make them protein pizzas? they just sound like normal pizzas?!” The lady told us that the pizza bases were also made with protein powder which is what makes them a protein pizza. Sounds lovely if you’re a big guy, bulking up and you’re wanting a Friday night treat, but what about your average Joe who just wants to work out and get fit. Sure, the protein pizzas sound like a great idea to get in extra protein and to hit your targets but when does it become too much protein? If you were wanting a cheeky pizza on a Friday night there are a million recipes you could make to make it healthier, packed with protein, you could swap the white flour dough for wholemeal or even use a tortilla wrap (which works wonders may I add) and make sure it’s loaded with your favourite sources of protein. I’m not dissing the protein pizzas in any way shape or form, (I’m sure to try one out and I bet they’re totally delicious), but the question that arose between me and my friend was how much is too much protein? Can too much be bad for you?

They say sometimes eating too much of the good stuff can be just as bad for you as eating unhealthy, which is true, to an extent… You can still over eat and have too much, even if it is healthy food. Having too much protein is the same. Your body can only utilise about 40-45g of protein (this doesn’t mean your chicken weighs 40-45g, it means that the chicken will carry 40-45g OF PROTEIN) in one sitting, so having an excess of that in your main meal purely just goes to waste, in which case, you’ll be over-eating. Too much protein isn’t bad, it’s the excess calories that you’ll be consuming if you eat too much protein that is naughty for you. However, this isn’t a life threatening situation, but it’s not good for you either as you’ll gain weight and the excess protein will then be stored as fat. A good amount of protein in your daily diet protects your muscle mass which is great especially if you’re training and helps aid weight loss when eating the right amount.

How can I make sure I’m eating enough?
By switching up your breakfast and snacks you’ll up your protein intake in no time. For example if you substitute your cereal for eggs and your snacks from crisps to fruit and yoghurt then you’re on your way. When you make little changes like this in your every day diet you’ll notice the difference in your energy levels and in your self and in your waist line too.

Back to the protein pizza, if you do feel like you’re lacking in protein then protein pizzas are a great idea to ensure you’re getting what you need, if you’re bulking up then great, the protein pizzas are going to be a hit for you, however, if you eat properly and get the right amount of protein in, then there’s no reason why you should be adding extra protein to your diet, you’ll just be over eating and adding unnecessary calories.

Again, I’m not dissing the protein pizzas, because, like I said they were being sold at the gym, after working out you should try to consume protein within half an hour of finishing to help repair your muscles, so as a post-gym protein snack or meal the pizzas are actually a great idea! And who doesn’t love pizza!!!!!

In a nut shell, the protein isn’t your problem, the calories of too much protein is as it can’t be utilised, therefore leading to weight gain, and we don’t want that.



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