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What Girls Has Taught Us About Life

Girls is back! And I'm over the moon! I missed them, like you miss a friend, since watching Girls I've became drawn to the characters, like, I actually feel like they're my friends, or at


Girls is back! And I’m over the moon! I missed them, like you miss a friend, since watching Girls I’ve became drawn to the characters, like, I actually feel like they’re my friends, or at least I wish they were, is that sad? Anyway, so in celebration of series 5 returning to us I thought it’d be nice to go over and look at some of the life lessons Hannah Horvath and the girls have taught us over the past four years…

We all make mistakes and that’s totally okay. We are all only human at the end of the day. Mistakes we make are what defines us as a person, so they say, so embrace your mistakes. We may not always say the right thing and we may not always know what the right thing is it do but we live and we learn, right?

what girls has taught us over the years


You have to learn to love yourself. The girls are not afraid to strip down to their nuddy pants and this goes off screen too! Lena Dunham (Hannah) and Jemima Kirke (Jessa), in particular, dare to bare and show that it’s not unconventional to have lumps and bumps and show us that we all have different body types in which we should celebrate and embrace. Not only do the girls love and respect their bodies but they also respect themselves as a person. Sometimes you have to put yourself first before anyone else, especially while you’re in your twenties with no one else to support but yourself. It’s a time to be selfish and free.

what girls has taught us about life

what girls has taught us about life

Friends are everything. Don’t underestimate the power of friendship. No matter what kind of sticky situation you may find yourself in, your friends will be there for you no matter what, you may fight, you may cry, argue and fall out but you’ll always make up and have each others back. Be there for each other and love each other unconditionally. Your friends are your shoulder to cry on and the ears to listen to your problems, they are also your good night out and your go to gal for some much needed undivided attention and for some good advice. Love your friends and you’ll have them for life.

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It’s okay to be emotional. Feeling feelings is okay. In fact, it’s great. As we get older we definitely become more emotional and at one with our feelings and sometimes it’s not so easy to keep it all in. All of the characters in Girls love to talk about how they’re feeling, and they’re anything but shy when it comes to being angry or upset or frustrated or even super happy. I think it’s so important that we feel okay talking about how we feel and to hug often, to laugh hard and to cry when we’re sad it’s a good way to stay in check with yourself so you don’t go completely off the rails. It’s also a real nice release to just let it all out.




Even when you’re twenty-something you will always need your mamma and pappa, they will always be at your beck and call and they’re the only good advice we will ever receive in our lifetime, because, well, they’ve done it before. They’ll always have our back and we will need them forever and always, though they may not always be willing to break the bank for us, but we’re adults now, sooooo…





Embrace your weirdness! Express yourself at every given opportunity, express yourself through your words, your clothes, your art, whatever it may be, and I feel this goes back to one of my previous points of loving yourself, be you, and be happy. Be happy to be your crazy, weird self.



We are NEVER too old to enjoy partying. We can get messed up without a care in the world, because remember, it’s our time to be selfish and have a bloody good time in doing so. Even if it means we can’t quite hack the hangovers or the puking anymore, but still, we had a great time the night before, so who cares?!





It’s tough being a girl in your twenties. But we’ll survive.


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