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The Coolest Women To Follow On Instagram 2017

2017. New Year, new you? Take some life hacks from these pretty little ladies


2017. New Year, new you? Take some life hacks from these pretty little ladies…

2016 was the year of a huge feminist movement – from Jonboy glamourising GRL PWR tattoos and Emma Watson making numerous, beautiful speeches at the UN to Hilary Clinton running for President (almost bbz), so I thought it was only fitting to fill your Insta feed with wonderful, inspirational women to follow to inspire you in 2017.

So here’s my little list of the coolest ladies to follow on Instagram and the many (different) reasons why.


sophiainstagramI guess I’ll start with the ultimate #GIRLBOSS that is:
Sophia Amoruso: @sophiaamoruso.
Founder and CEO of multi-million dollar clothing company, Nasty Gal. I don’t want to go into too much detail otherwise I’ll ruin her bestselling book ‘#GIRLBOSS’ (which you’re going to buy tomorrow. But in a short space of ten years, Sophia turned her life from high-school dropout to entrepreneur, author and role model. Her Instagram feed is full of sparkles, selfies, quotes and cartoon illustrations, oh and lot’s of pink – yay! And if you need anything else to make you want to follow her, then there are some really cute dogs too (winning!).
Her motto: “to not be afraid of hard work – your dreams will not come to you, you have to go to them.”


iskraIskra Lawrence: @iamiskra.
Iskra broke the internet when she decided to say a massive “f*ck you” to the unrealistic perspective of female body image on social media, via ‘that thigh gap photo’. Proving that not everything is not always as it seems when it comes to Instagram. She then became a spokesperson and voice of reason for all women – as well as juggling being a curve model, motivational speaker, and AerieReal Role Model. Not only is she a beautiful soul – spreading the love to all of us women out there with our everyday struggles – Iskra is keeping it real with her banging body and endless amounts of IDGAF posts. Oh, and she casually wore pyjamas as a sassy, funky outfit and worked it. So if you’re ever in need of a bit of motivation just have a stalk of Iskra’s Insta and you’ll immediately feel inspired.
Her motto: “helping people feel good is my responsibility as a model.”


ewreckerEmily Wrecker: @emilywrecker.
Mum of four boys, with twins on the way, Emily Recker is the epitome of ‘cool mum’. Not only is she fabulously stylish, and cool AF, she has the best home interiors and the cutest family. But it doesn’t end there, Emily is also a foster mum and treasures her 4 boys (and her man) more than anything on this planet, and you can see they idolise her too. So if you dream of having an adorable family who goes to local markets and the beach on weekends, then this sweet little (or shall I say big, and getting bigger) family is your total goals. Go Em!
Her motto: “living intentionally.”


Solange Knowles: @saintrecords.
She oozes style, class, sass and takes a bloody good picture, Solange Knowles is definitely the cooler sis (no diss to Bey though, she’ll always be Queen). Following her new album that was released September last year, the world was exposed to her unique voice and poetic, honest lyrics. Now this isn’t an album review for A Seat At The Table, but if I was to tell you one thing, it would be to give it a listen – it’s funky, soothing, and just beautiful. Like Solange. And as for her Instagram, you’ll be completely engrossed in her sweet, sweet style.
Her motto: “I tend to adopt Tamar Braxton’s Motto over my own dot com.” 


emilymaliceEmily Alice: @emilymalice.
For total tattoo inspiration, it has to be this girl. Not only is she an absolute dime, but her tattoos are super cool and feminine, and with the right amount of grunge. She takes on all styles of tattoos from floral pieces to minimalistic teeth and lips, all done with complete precision and style. I’m definitely going to have to get a tatt from Emily this year! And if it’s anyone pushing the boundaries of feminism through her tattoos, flash work, and various art pieces, it has to be Emily.
Her motto: “practice radical self-love.”


rupiRupi Kair: @rupikaur_.
Rupi is a contemporary feminist poet, writer and spoken word artist. She brought her first poetry book out in 2014 called Milk and Honey (which is now a New York Times Bestseller) where she expresses a variety of emotions through her words that gently deal with a variety of bitter situations. But her poems always end with a sweet twist. Hence Milk and Honey. Her passion is an expression as she writes and speaks about femininity, love, loss, trauma, and healing. And she’s a pretty neat artist too.
Her motto: “there is sweetness everywhere if you just look”


elcinstagramEmma Louise Connolly: @emmalouiseconnolly.
If it’s not total couple goals that I’m crushing on with Emma’s Instagram avec beau Proudlock, then it has to be her legs (which, F.Y.I go on for days). Emma Louise Connolly is an absolute beauty. The model is signed to four different model agencies across the globe, and shares snaps of her lavish (and very loved up) London lifestyle, as well as all of the dreamy destinations she heads off to with boyfriend, Oliver Proudlock (who, too, is a total A-list babe). Her smile is infectious and her love for life is admirable, and she truly represents natural beauty in all its forms. Emma is a woman that we can all look up to in terms of living life to the fullest, and looking at everything with a twinkle in our eye.
Her motto: “the blues ain’t nothing but a colour”


baddiewHelen Ruth Elam Van Winkle: @baddiewinkle.
I’m sure you’re all VERY familiar with the icon and legend, that is Baddie Winkle. She’s an inspiration to all, truly embracing the ‘why the f*ck not’ attitude, which (I think I can speak on behalf of everyone) we should all apply to our lives a little bit more in 2017. You do you, girl.
Her motto: “stealing your man since 1928”


Cover photo by Shauna Luckett


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