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Super Kool Benefits of Kombucha

You're probably thinking Kombucha wtf? Yeah, I was too. But people are literally obsessed with it and it's slowly becoming more popular worldwide. I first heard about Kombucha Tea when I was in Bali, speaking to a very


You’re probably thinking Kombucha wtf? Yeah, I was too. But people are literally obsessed with it and it’s slowly becoming more popular worldwide.

I first heard about Kombucha Tea when I was in Bali, speaking to a very cool Aussie lady after complaining about my dear-god ‘Bali bug’. It’s not what you’re thinking. (I was basically super bloated and had no appetite, which isn’t ideal when you’re wanting to try the amazing Asian delicacies.) She explained to me that Kombucha was the answer to all of my problems, and she 100% swears by it and even makes her own.

It’s funny because one minute you’ve never heard of such a thing, and the next you’ve had a half an hour lesson on it and spotted it in the cafe next door to your hotel. Was it more noticeable to me because I’d heard about it and wouldn’t of payed any attention beforehand, or is it merely a coincidence?

Curious – and in need to cure my chronic bloated-stomach-syndrome – I ordered a glass from this cutie cafe on the main street in Ubud that sold a variety of healthy foods, cakes, salads, and of course Kombucha in many different flavours. It arrived like an aperol spritz, not like a tea at all. It was bright orange, filled with ice, fizzy and tasted like winter berries with a refreshing twist. But the question still arose in my mind, what even is it? and exactly how was it going to help me? So I did some research.


(taken from Mother Nature Network)

Kombucha is made up of fermented black and green tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast – also known as SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) which is that ugly alien-looking specimen that’s floating around the pot. And as Dr Frankenstein would say, it’s alive! The living organism feeds from the sugar in the tea, taking in all the sugar and in return releasing good bacteria. Kind of like photosynthesis. But don’t be put off, you’re tea won’t come with the SCOBY in it, you’re good.

But here’s the best part… the fabulous benefits.

  1. Detoxification.
    One of the best benefits of Kombucha is that it’s packed with enzymes and bacteria acids that your body needs for a blooming good detox. In particular glucaric acid, which in recent years of study has come to show the aid in cancerous cells. Fabby!
  2. Joint aid.
    Sore joints? Bad knees? Hip? Arthritis? Fear no more. Kombucha has your back. Containing glucosamines, Kombucha is renowned for being an amazing preventative of arthritis and other joint pains.
  3. Longevity.
    Who doesn’t want to live until their 100? I look 30 when you hit the big five-oh. I for once, at least want to receive my 100th birthday certificate from The Queen. Because of it’s hyaluronic acid qualities, Kombucha can bind your moisture tissues and maintain your skins flexibility, which in turn reduces wrinkles – hoorah! Collagen what?
  4. Digestion and gut health.
    Now here’s where it helped me. With Kombucha being a naturally fermented product with a living colony of bacteria (SCOBY), it’s naturally a probiotic. Which we all know is great for your tummy and digestive tract.
  5. Mood enhancer.
    Believe it or not, Kombucha has said to improve mental clarity and mood stability – helping eliminate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Oh, it’s so impressive.
  6. Immunity.
    And finally, it’s a total warrior for your immune system. Rich in antioxidants, it’s proven to help fight harmful bacterias and boost your energy levels. As well as protecting you from nasty viruses, especially over winter. Say goodbye to Lemsip and cold and flu tablets.

You’re probably wondering, where do I immediately get some? Apparently, it’s super simple to make at home, but getting your floating blob of goodness right, is not so simple. If you want to be a smarty-pants you can grow one yourself, otherwise get one from a ‘bucha loving friend, or order online at lovekombucha.co.uk.



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