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Let’s Recap Girls Season 5 Before The Final Chapter S6

Season 6 is shortly upon us (Feb 12th HBO 10pm US time), and while I'm extremely happy that Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna (and Adam) are returning to my screen, I'm extremely upset that it's the


Season 6 is shortly upon us (Feb 12th HBO 10pm US time), and while I’m extremely happy that Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna (and Adam) are returning to my screen, I’m extremely upset that it’s the very final season. Oh, it’s bittersweet. Sometimes it’s really hard to get back into a season when it’s been a whole year since the previous. I have so many questions and I’m so impatient – will Hannah and Jessa ever be friends again? Is it because the girls are growing apart, that there’s no ‘Girls’ anymore? I JUST NEED TO KNOW.

The season starts with a reunion of the four girls – which is rare because lately we barely see the girls together. The show is slowly driving them apart, which makes me think, is it time that they all went there separate ways? Are they all just holding on to the strings of a friendship that isn’t really there anymore?

So it’s Marnie’s wedding day to Desi, and it’s a beautiful one at that. Oh, minus her makeup – hil-ar-ious. But the romance between Marnie and Desi doesn’t last long, they row and Desi is simply an egotistical maniac while Marnie, well, she’s just Marnie. It doesn’t help that she has a ‘love dream’ about Ray too, ultimately leading her to be quite committed to Ray – even asking him to go on tour with her, Desi and Desi’s new bae. Are Marnie and Ray going to be an official thing?


Hannah and Fran breakup quite disastrously too. After going to a therapy weekend with her mom and dancing away her troubles (oh and then getting with the yoga teacher in the stream room) Hannah seems to finally be bouncing back from the breakup with an ‘I-don’t-need-a-man attitude’.


Hannah is still teaching (badly) and has decided to have a break from writing (sadly). But with all the shit she goes through in season 5 i.e the breakup and Jessa and Adam getting together, the season ends with Hannah at a story evening called ‘The Moth’ where she writes a beautiful, yet heartbreaking, piece about her life. Can Hannah finally recover from her crazy-ass messed up life?

Now this is the thick of  S5… Jessa has started to actually get her shit together. She’s back at school, she’s reading and she’s training to be a therapist. What could go wrong? Queue Adam. Jessa and Adam seem to be getting extremely close, and Adam ultimately starts having feelings for her. However, Jessa trying to stay true to Hannah, by avoiding Adam as much as she can as she tries to mask her feelings toward him too. Which, let’s be honest, she doesn’t do so well – she caves and they start their romantic fling which they call ‘just hanging out without touching’. It doesn’t last long. Eventually Hannah becomes aware of their relationship, and of course is upset, bitter and jealous upset by it (who wouldn’t be? Girl code 101 – you don’t get with your friends’ exes.) Even though deep down I know it’s wrong, I kind of really like Adam and Jessa together, they just work. The final episode finishes where Adam and Jessa have a huge row, Hannah’s name is mentioned numerous times, bikes are thrown, swears are thrown, the apartment is smashed up and it’s generally just a real mess. Will they pull through or is this it for the two?



Shosh. Well, Shosh is Shosh, she’s strange, she’s weird and she’s living in Japan. Konichiwa. We get a small glimpse into Shoshanna’s new life in Tokyo, and it’s exactly what you’d expect; it’s bright, it’s fast, it’s colourful and it’s a whirlwind. But after loosing her job and working in a cat cafe, she part-reluctantly/part-happily returns back to New York. Working Japanese-esque bright blonde hair with pink streaks and crazy clips, she’s got a new mind-set and mission – helping Ray fight against the new hipster coffee shop that’s opened up right opposite his. But, that’s not all for Shoshanna, she gets a new boyfriend and embarks on her new life with him and I’m really happy for her. Will this be it for Shoshanna? Will she now go her own separate way, like a real adult?



Season 5 has been refreshing to say the least. We’ve watched the girls blossom in their own way, doing their own thing beyond the realms of Hannah’s apartment. With each having their own strong story, is it a reference to their maturity and going their separate ways? Through all the seasons the girls have been together – through thick and thin – but somehow I can’t help feel that they are drifting apart. Season 5 each character has had her own plot-line and a strong one too – the four girls were hardly seen together as a four throughout the season. However, in the trailer for season 6 Marnie says to Hannah “do you promise that we’ll always be friends?” in which Hannah replies: “do you think I’m going to stop being your friend now after putting up with all this bullshit?” – giving me feels that the ultimate ending is going to be sad but hopeful. Again, it’s bittersweet.

The thing I’m going to miss most about Girls is watching them go through normal every day struggles as you do as a twenty-something-year-old. It’s actually comforting. They’re relatable characters, each in their own way, and it makes you realise it’s okay to not have your life together by 25/30. And in actual fact, we’re all in the same boat. It’s okay to be a bit weird, it’s okay to love yourself, it’s okay to quit your dead-end job to go live your dream, and it’s okay to have fights with your friends, boyfriends, parents or whoever, because it’s life. And its tough man.

Girls Season 6 the final chapter official trailer… queue the tears.


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