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It’s All About The Patches!

I feel like I'm time warping back to the 90's. We are all going a bit nuts for ironing patches on to our clothes and the high street stores have recently been dropping some amazing pieces


I feel like I’m time warping back to the 90’s.

We are all going a bit nuts for ironing patches on to our clothes and the high street stores have recently been dropping some amazing pieces and I’m head over heels for it all. Any girl who has lived or was born around the 90’s will definitely know what I mean when I say that there’s a certain element of nostalgia with this trend. It’s care free, edgy and most importantly a great way to show a bit of your personality… Are you the ultimate feminist? There’s a patch for that. Do you just love dogs? There’s a patch for that too. Do you want to be an astronaut? There’s probably a patch for that too. There are literally patches for everything and adding some crazy, cool patches to your denim can only up your cool game and show off your care-free personality.

When Amandla Stenberg featured on the spring issue of the ASOS mag I was immediately in love with her patched denim and bomber jacket and was instantly looking for where I could find them! (Small rant: Why is it that these magazines feature these beautiful clothes and give you a price so then when you go to find them online, they’re not there. Y U NO THERE?!)




The insiders at ASOS have me green with envy of their super cool, patched garms, so I’ve decided to dig up the best of these beauties and where to get some cool AF patches if you wanna DIY it. It’s not exactly hard if you wanna go DIY. You don’t have to be handy with a needle and thread, all you need is your iron and your ironing board and a little bit of imagination and creativity. So don’t worry about your unsteady hand, this is literally why iron on patches were born, for us, that, how shall I put it, lack in the textiles department.

If you do want to DIY the best place that I have found to buy patches is Etsy and Depop. By going to independent sellers the patches are more likely to be, 1. handmade 2. super original and 3. they could possibly well be ‘antiques’ from the 90’s or even earlier which makes them 100% coooooool.



Here are some of my fave pieces that I’ve managed to find by stalking people’s Instagram and ending up on my cousin’s, friend’s, brother’s mother’s, dog’s, uncle’s, dad’s, sister’s account and by surfing the interweb for some sassy high street finds and some inspiration for ironing on my new patches!

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photo1liquor&poker patch denim jeans 40

liqour&poker patch denim jacket 45 photo3 lazy oaf x dont hug me im scared 80 photo4lazyoafoldschooldress65

photo5oversized bomber jacket with patches 5999
photo6 patches 999

photo7ohh deer x asos patches 995







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