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Is The Pill Actually Good For Us?

Myself and most of my friends are taking some kind of contraceptive pill and I'm probably on to my 5th type of pill right now after having recently changed a couple of months ago, but


Myself and most of my friends are taking some kind of contraceptive pill and I’m probably on to my 5th type of pill right now after having recently changed a couple of months ago, but questions have arose lately on whether or not the pill is actually good for us. We are all fully aware of the psychotic side effects that come along with taking the pill, we are told we may gain some weight, we may experience mood swings and our boobs are going to be sore, (yeah, it sucks) and there a million and one other risks and side effects of taking the pill as well as many underlying risks that young women are not fully informed about when seeking advice from her GP. I hope I’m speaking for a majority here because, I for sure, was not informed on even HALF of these risks and here I am every morning popping my pill with not a thought about what it is actually doing to my body.


Obviously there’s pros and cons, like most forms of medication out there…

PRO: You won’t get preggers
CON: You get fat anyway
PRO: It clears up your skin
CON: Nausea
PRO: It can make your periods vanish (et voila) or lighter (hallelujah)
CON: Increase of blood clots
CON: Increase of cancer risks such as breast and cervical
CON: Headaches or migraines
CON: Lower sex drive
CON: It can up your blood pressure
CON: Increased risk of heart attack and strokes

and it goes on and by that I mean the cons. The cons are totally outweighing the pros of taking the pill and it has me questioning, why are we even taking it? Increased blood pressure, risk of blood clots, headaches and migraines and the physical and emotional damage it has on our body, it just doesn’t really seem THAT worth it and if we are taking them simply not to get preggo then there are other ways to protect ourselves from that. Are we all too comfortable taking the pill, knowing it’s keeping our skin clear and our periods at bay but not really thinking of the damaging consequences that are underlying and none of us are talking about? Or are we too scared of the ‘unknown’ and are happy sticking with what we know with our pills? I can put my hands up and say I am probably one of those people but after learning of the more dire side effects that the pill carries I am becoming more swayed by a different method.

Heart disease is now the leading cause of death for women and we can only put 2 and 2 together and assume that the pill may have had something to do with this. However, this isn’t a post to say we should all stop taking the pill now, but more of an awareness post to be sure we know that the pill is right for us and that we are aware of the effects it can have on our body. If you’re over 35 and overweight and currently taking the pill then there’s a big risk of blood clotting and therefore you should probably rethink your contraceptive method, however if you’re 20 fit and healthy then by no means should you be fretting about blood clots, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen, as it actually happened to a girl I lived with at university when we were 19.

It seems to me that there are fewer pros than cons with regards to the pill and our health but statistics show that some 10 million women across the world are using the pill as a form of contraception and we all seem okay, for now. When I first went on the pill my GP didn’t even fully tell me about any other form of contraception so 6 years of taking the pill and I’m only just becoming quite sick of the pill and only now learning of new methods I can approach instead.

I say if the pill doesn’t feel right for you then think about switching, the side effects are rare but are serious and it’s something we all need to learn about so we can pass it on to our children and their children (when or if we have children, after all this post is about contraception so I’m guessing we are all anti-children right now, but when the time comes…)

My appointment is made for the end of the week to discuss getting my ass of this lame pill so I can get rid of this bloated belly I’ve been lugging around after my recent switch because it’s deffo the pill and not the scones I ate yesterday.


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