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Going Long Distance With Your BFFs

Soon to be starting university and you're overcome with an array of emotions, you're excited, nervous, frightened, no, petrified and the one main question that is racing through your mind is what if I don't

long distance relationship with your bff

Soon to be starting university and you’re overcome with an array of emotions, you’re excited, nervous, frightened, no, petrified and the one main question that is racing through your mind is what if I don’t make any friends!?! and how the hell do I even make new friends these days anyway?!  You’re no longer six when you make friends with pretty much everyone in your class in primary school. As we get older it does get harder to make new friends, why? I don’t know. You could be the boldest most bubbliest in your class but when you’re on your own your confidence plummets and it seems so hard to make the first move. When it comes to university the only way you can all truly bond without it being TOTALLY awkward is by getting well and truly pissed until you start blurting out your whole life story and sooner or later start connecting over your love for dogs, wine and olives.

That’s pretty much what happened to me. Then three years down the line you still live together, know waaaaaaaay too much about each other, seen each other at your worst yet still love each other unconditionally.

University, the best three/four years of your life, but sooner or later it all has to come to an end. The life we thought was going to be a never ending party, finally ends. Some of you find jobs and stick around in the big city, others have to move back home for financial reason and all of a sudden after three years of living on top of each other, driving each other crazy, and having the best time ever, you’re now separated and the next chapter of your life feels foreign and strange.

“I promise we will see each other ALL the time, what are a measly 150 miles apart, nothing can keep us apart! NOTHING!!”

So in desperate hope to all stay connected throughout the years apart and until you are OAP’s you get matching tattoos as a tribute, to show gratitude, and respect to what was the best part of you’re lives, like a homage to each other for being so god damn amazing.

long distance relationship with your bff


So, you’re the unfortunate one, you move home, get a job or three and try to save for your next adventure, whatever that may be. Work commitments lead to you putting off another visit to see friends – oh and again – until your old life has suddenly swallowed you back in and you cant seem to catch a break and it’s been WAY to long since you seen your gals.

Making long distance relationships work with your and your best buds is hard. Trying to find days when you’re all available and able to take time out of your hectic schedules to arrange to meet is near impossible and before you know it you’re planning to meet up 2 months in advance. It’s a sad, sad truth.

However, that does not go to say that your friendship is over forever. It just means its over as you know it. They key to keeping up with your best friends, especially if they all live so close and you don’t, is to not give up on them, and they you. Staying in touch is the most important, we all live in the 21st century, we all have iphones or facebook, whatsapp, whatever, and though social media may the most anti social concept that has ever been designed it is also a life saver for us long distance pals and actuallys is the most social way to keep in touch. A simple text

“Hey, how are you? how’s the new job? excited to see you!”

is all it takes to keep in the know with what’s happening in your friends lives.

Friends are basically family that you got to choose and being able to maintain this relationship is so important. A recent visit to my friends and it’s like we were together just yesterday! It may not be as exciting as when you lived together but think of how exciting it is to have not spoken properly for months and then have so many things to catch up on. It took us an hour to order at the tapas because we hadn’t even glanced at the menu, it was great! And hey look, we’re going out for tapas!! We’re independent working women with our own money, not some loan and we can actually afford to do nice things together. Growing up doesn’t necessarily mean growing apart, if you’ve made some real corker of friends at uni, then don’t let them go!

Even though everything is different, our lives are separate now, we’re doing new things, on to different projects, even though, it is diffee you just know that when you see them it’ll always be the same.


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