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Coconut oil is taking the world by storm. And no wonder, there are hundreds of health and beauty benefits of using this miraculous potion.

The majority of meals in Britain focus around meat. In our gastro pubs and gourmet restaurants we see lamb, pork, chicken, salmon, and the rest. We're renowned

It's 2017 and we're all skint. We're at that stage in our lives when we have a lot going on and a lot to

Travelling South East Asia is probably one of the most magical trips you'll ever take. Comprising of temples, street-markets, bars, beaches, travellers, locals, farms,

2017. New Year, new you? Take some life hacks from these pretty little ladies

Hygge. You're probably thinking, what is this word? What does it mean? Can I eat it? They were a few questions going through my

The Manchester Christmas Markets have arrived, and they're as beautiful as ever. The award-winning markets are one of the largest in the UK -

It's that time of the year again (I know, I don't believe it either) and if you're anything like me you'll be in numerous

Myself and most of my friends are taking some kind of contraceptive pill and I'm probably on to my 5th type of pill right

I started yoga this week. I have a few friends and aunties who practice yoga and do nothing but preach, preach, preach, so in

Ivy Park has finally dropped in Topshop stores and online this morning and it's amazing. I want it all. If anything is going to

If you're feeling like you need to change up your living space, either you want to add a bit more personality or tone it

So, Sweden have introduced a 6 hour work day in a bid to create happier, more energetic workers and to allow more work to be

Everyone is jumping on the 'clean eating' band wagon, we see the likes of Millie Macintosh, BFF Madeleine Shaw, Chrissy Teigen, The Body Coach

Girls is back! And I'm over the moon! I missed them, like you miss a friend, since watching Girls I've became drawn to the

What better way to kick off a new week than celebrating International Women's Day. This week on The Black and White Edit I am

Soon to be starting university and you're overcome with an array of emotions, you're excited, nervous, frightened, no, petrified and the one main question

You’re probably aware that Beyoncé performed at the 50th anniversary of the NFL Super Bowl alongside Bruno Mars and Coldplay and with over 110

Thousands of Brits flee the country each year, to be precise 5 million, with a quarter of them going across the world to Australia.

With plummeting sales, -20% from 2012-2014, that has roughly cost them $500 million, and constant criticism it has called for Mattel to make some

I don't want to bombard you with a 400 word essay because let's face it, all we want to do is stare at the

Rihanna took to twitter to inform her fans that her new album 'ANTI' is finished, which I can imagine everyone was ecstatic about, however,

France have came to their senses and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world jumps on the band wagon.

Have you heard about the disease threatening to kill off our narnies?   It's a sad sad time for all of us narna lovers in what

It sounds so anal and boring, I know, but if you’re a sufferer of bad skin, headaches, lethargy or struggling to loose weight, it

AlunaGeorge are back with a new LP I Remember coming early this year and they have dropped a great tune to let us know

So, there’s a free personality test you can do online and if you answer honestly it will literally pull you apart and tell you