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ANTI Is Here And It’s FREE

Rihanna tweeted earlier this morning


Rihanna tweeted earlier this morning…


all you need to do to download the album is click HERE and it will download to your iTunes. Pretty cool, thanks RiRi.

(Note: it’s no good if you’re on safari, you might have to open chrome)

Executive produced by Kanye West, the 13 track album, I feel, is going to be a big success. She’s collaborated ‘Work’ with Drake, which I LOVE and you can really feel her Bajan roots coming through, she’s done a cover of Tame Impala – ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’, which I did not see coming and sounds pretty cool, I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Tame Impala fan and I love the tune but I like it, a lot, she actually makes it sound real sexy. So far so good RiRi.

The artwork is also pretty cool, we’ve seen it plastered around the internet and we have an Israeli painter Roy Nachum to thank for it. 

So, here we are the wait is over, enjoy.  



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